Owen Temple can be described in many ways. Musician. Family man. Land Steward.

He’s been a singer-songwriter for 25 years, and is known throughout Texas, the Midwest, and the Eastern U.S. as a first-class songwriter and a compelling performer.

He’s also the father of four, who lives with his wife and children in Austin. The family spends a lot of time outdoors, and they love to visit Texas State Parks.

“We’ve spent times at parks all over Texas, and have made some great family memories,” said Owen. “We love camping at Lost Maples and Garner, fishing at Bastrop and spending time on the beach at Mustang Island. We make a circuit every year.”

His children range in age from 3 to 16 and love the freedom that comes with being outdoors.

“There’s lots of “no” when we are inside at home,” said Owen. “There’s lots of “yes” when we are outside. ‘Yes, you can throw that rock in the water, yes you can explore that cave, yes we can go swimming.’”

“Nature also provides an opportunity for learning,” he continued. “They’ve learned about the environment and what we can do to help it. They love being outdoors, and love is a prerequisite to learning and stewardship. And it just feels good. We are all happier when we are outside.”

Being a better steward of his family’s land is something Owen is spending more time on these days, especially since he is not touring as much as he has in the past.

“My dad has a ranch in Real County near Barksdale, and we’ve been learning about different ways to preserve the beauty of the Edwards Plateau,” said Owen. “We visited with a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department technical guidance biologist to make sure we are doing everything we can to keep the land healthy.”

Owen is also learning from other Texas landowners. He was inspired by reading a book about David Bamberger, who has spent decades conserving his cherished ranch, Selah.

“The more I learned about Selah, about how native grasses and trees and careful management can restore a landscape, the more inspired I became,” he said. “It really lit a fire under me.”

He was delighted last year to be selected to visit Llano Springs Ranch as a result of winning a Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation (TPWF) promotion offered only to TPWF members. Like David Bamberger, ranch owner Tom Vandivier has been honored with a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Lone Star Land Steward Award for his dedication to restoring the land he stewards.

“Llano Springs Ranch is such a wonderful success story, and I really appreciated being able to see what’s possible,” said Owen. “People like David Bamberger and Tom Vandivier have reinforced a message that my family is now acting upon, which is to leave our land better than we found it.”

Owen’s love for the outdoors led to his decision to become a member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

“The time we spend in Texas State Parks has been transformative for our family,” said Owen. “I was looking for ways to support parks and all the work Texas Parks and Wildlife Department does to conserve Texas. “Being a member of Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation is one way we can help.”

As a TPWF member, Owen has access to special events, including a field trip held last fall to Kerr Wildlife Management Area to view the annual deer-work-up.

“I jumped on that invitation, and I’m glad I did,” he said. “Learning about the science of white-tailed deer management was fascinating. It was yet another example of why I am proud to support TPWF and the work of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.”

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