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Ever wonder where TX Whiskey is made? Well founders Leonard Firestone & Troy Robertson poured their all into creating a whiskey wonderland, fondly named Whiskey Ranch, in Fort Worth, TX. They redefined the ordinary when they created it just as they did when making TX Whiskey and TX Bourbon. The everyday drive and desire to pour their all into creating their award-winning whiskeys is what makes TX so special.

The TX team didn’t stop with just making great whiskey to put in the bottle, they also took great care into making the packaging. If you look carefully at the top of any bottle of TX Whiskey, you ’ll find a piece of Texas history and old-world engineering. Each cap is crafted with reclaimed leather from local cowboy boot-makers like Tony Lama Boots. The details of the bottle and the whiskey inside are a celebration of quality, craftsmanship and western heritage. To find a bottle near you, schedule a tour or discover a new cocktail visit FRDistilling.com.

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