Meet the Untamed: A group of remarkable Texan outdoorsmen and women who stand together and tell their stories about the place that has given so much. We hope they will inspire you to get involved.

Xochitl Rodriguez

For El Paso native Xochitl Rodriguez, art is “about creating a moment in somebody’s life.” A multi-talented practitioner, she was Bhutan’s first-ever invited artist in residence. Since her daughter’s birth, Xochitl led the Caldo Collective and now partners with Femme Frontera Filmmaker Showcase to offer support for artists in the border region. In 2020, her first short documentary, Grown Without Water took international audiences on a journey with her and her daughter through their desert home at the zipper of two countries. She now enjoys a life driven by family, philanthropy, and a relentless desire to show her daughter just how big and breathtaking the world can be.

Photo by Dave Mead
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