Emily Newsom is a force of nature. A maestro of the piano and the pedal, the piano protégé turned cycling phenom has carved her own trail in the cycling world—and the grittier the trail, the better. According to Emily, one of the leading gravel cyclists in the country, “I cut my teeth on Texas gravel! It’s where I started my journey into offroad cycling.” And what a trailblazing journey it’s been. Bucking all trends, she went pro at 34, an age when most cyclists think about hanging up their cleats. She quickly rose through the ranks, being selected for the Tour de France Femmes in 2022, and donning the yellow jersey for a stage at the Tour de Pyrenees that same year. Though she has made a name for herself in the road racing circuit, she is in a class all her own when the gravel hits the ground, and she is going all in on gravel racing in 2023, where she feels most connected with the wild places of Texas.

I just love being out in the woods, in the desert, in the open… away from the cities and towns. It strikes a chord in me, and I’m truly happy when I’m out there in those untamed circumstances. 

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