Edgar Diaz has always been called by the ocean and mountains, where he developed his love of fishing, mountain biking and snowboarding. While his affinity for the outdoors began with these activities, he came to understand that it was the inner peace he experienced when he was outdoors and the connection he felt to nature that was the primal draw. In 2015, Edgar sought an accessory to represent his love for the outdoors, and after much searching, he took things into his own hands. Sight Line Provisions was born with the creation of his first outdoor-inspired bracelet. He realized the bracelet didn’t just represent his passion – it took him right back to some of his greatest memories on the water, and he knew he needed to share it with others.

I started seeing Sight Line Provisions as an opportunity to create a brand with a purpose. The whole point of Sight Line Provisions is to really capture that feeling when you’re out there walking in the outdoors or you are on the water, or even if you are in your own backyard. Fully experiencing the things that are in your sight line, that feeling that you have in that moments.

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