Clay Spencer grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and has been an avid hunter and angler all his life. His passion for fly fishing and love of wild places led him to Alaska, where he worked as a fishing and hunting guide. He was ridiculously happy but eventually had to leave the Alaskan wilderness for a job in the business world. He still fished every chance he got. Dissatisfied with the fishing shirts available on the market, Clay decided to create his own. Armed with real-life business experience and an MBA from Stanford, he founded Poncho Outdoors, known for their sustainably made shirts for the outdoors. Now living in Austin, Texas, Clay is using his work to ignite a passion for wildlife and wild places.

As the years go by, you realize that some of the wild places that you visited as a kid are no longer wild. When you see things that are lost, you don’t want to lose more of them. It’s become much more than just having a place to hunt and fish. I want to save these places that I’ve enjoyed so much, not just for myself, but for my kids and everyone who’s going to come after me.

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