Father’s Day is right around the corner, but there’s still plenty of time to give a gift that inspires adventure for the dads who love wild things and wild places. Whether fishing, hunting or hiking your dad will be ready for his next big adventure with gifts from these trailblazing Texas companies who share our passion for the great outdoors.

1. King Ranch Saddleshop

You can’t go wrong with gifts from King Ranch Saddleshop. They offer everything from saddles, boots and apparel to home goods, luggage, and more. Now through June 14th, they are offering TPWF friends 15% of your entire order with Code: 19TPWFD

2. Subscription to Modern Huntsman

Modern Huntsman is changing the hunting narrative. Rooted in the principles of conservation, ethics and tradition, it is a biannual publication that defends the sportsman’s role and image in today’s society. Printed in the USA on high-quality paper, it is essential reading for anyone with vested interest in preserving hunting’s heritage for future generations.

The focus of Volume Three is wildlife management, which explores the nuanced and complex relationship that we as humans have with wildlife, as well as the circumstances in which we’re required to help restore balance for species at risk of disappearing or reduce numbers for others that threaten to change ecosystems forever.

Give your dad a subscription to Modern Huntsman he can enjoy all year long.

Subscription: $60/year for two issues

3. Seaholm Watch

Designed for a life well-lived, SEAHOLM watches are meant to be bumped, scuffed and tested. These watches are engineered and tested to exceed standards for anti-magnetism, shock resistance and water resistance. This timepiece will keep on ticking long after a trek through mountains, stream or oceans.

4. Howler Brothers

Howler Brothers celebrates a life spent outdoors doing something you love. Gear that works in the water, on the boat, and around the fire pit when the stories are told. Clothes you might wear when you’re hearing Howler Monkeys from your hut after a day well spent. Or clothes to wear when you’re wishing you were

5. Tribute Gift to Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation

Honor your father with a gift that’s guaranteed to have a lasting impact on the wild things and wild places he loves. Make a tribute gift in any amount to Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

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